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Mars Victory

It’s been 18 months or so since I re-started my hobby of clay shooting after a 19 year layoff (yes, 19 years) and during that time, I have had but one aspiration. To win a Kingsferry Mars Bar. At this … Continue reading

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Cannon Street Joy

It’s been a busy time with foreign attendances away from the office, pretty much continuously since January 2nd this year. This entails a lot of travel of course. Although I gripe about airports (the London ones in particular) and air … Continue reading

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Return from the Moon

The Moon tug turned out to be a well kept bit of kit with terribly nice Croatian chaps as her crew. Despite being 21 years old and having argueably ‘frugal’ owners she was cared for and in full working order. … Continue reading

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Arriving in Malta for the Moon

The hotel they’d arranged for me was the Meridien. It dominates the skyline in St Julians and looked impressive because of it’s magnitude and its oddly welcoming lines. Checking in was  fret free (will the operators of Travel Lodge and … Continue reading

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Canterbury, clays, airports and lost sailors.

My 73 year old mum popped round last night she’s slightly built but super healthy. She also likes the odd glass of wine. I don’t know if it was weakness on my part or an altruistic gesture but I matched … Continue reading

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Malta and the Moon

The taxi driver was there to meet me, printed board, even had the word Captain, I felt quite important. Car was just a short walk away, window down, no air conditioning and off we went. How far is it to … Continue reading

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