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A Tale of two ships

Las Palmas for the weekend? Margate for the weekend? Hmm, scratch chin and check the online weather forecast. So be it, Gran Canaria gets it, but only just. One port, two ships, two surveys and two VERY different experiences. I’m  … Continue reading

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Parkade and Hellenic nonsense

Manager man said it’d be a quick job (and on reflection it was really). Hop on first plane out of London City to Rotterdam, look at ‘Hellas’, fly back to City by teatime. Bobby’s job? Fog at City and all … Continue reading

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That was the town that was.

Apologies to blog readers of this very fine (though recently un-attanded) site. I got back from the Bombay trip on December 22nd, worrying close to the big day but, as it turned out perfectly timed in the end. The Indian … Continue reading

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