On the road again.

Out to Korea tonight. Hmmm.
The travelling does get a bit much so not looking forward overly to this trip. That said, it beats the hell out of the the daily commute to the City and back on a daily basis, so won’t drip on any longer. Besides there are many wonderful things to look forward to.  For instance next month my NI payments go up £40 a month. Why, thank you Darling. I must try and repay the kindness. Perhaps a mass middle England rebellion where all the thieving, smug and sanctimonious Politicos get hurled out on their ears and with luck, turned into fertilizer. We can live in hope.
Failing that there’s the ever escalating price of foodstuffs. Hours of fun and curiosity to be had out of that little issue. The mass protests and riots are only affecting the poorer countries at the moment. Greece has had a go too, but I suppose, thinking about it, they’re poor anyway and prone to anachy and civil un-rest. What on earth they’re doing in the EU is quite beyond me. Ahh, I digress, food riots, they’ll be here soon enough. Luckily our Gov is on the case and insisting that 2.5 percent of fuel is from a bio source. That’ll do wonders for the price of rice, corn, wheat, and all the other staples ahlf the world can’t afford already. If it wasn’t so sad it’d make you smile.
On the positive front, it feels like spring is here at long long last. We cut the grass and pottered in the garden yesterday. Heaven indeed.
Arsenal drew with the Scousers this afternoon so that put a dampener on things for a while, there is however, the prospect of zapping a bottle of Bombay this evening in the KAL lounge at terminal 3 so that puts a smile back on my slobby chops.  :o)
Love you peeps. Byeeeee.

About allatsea

Sixty year old master-mariner. Absolutely gorgeous. Well wedged.....when compared to a Nairobi street urchin. Sorted, in that I haven't been in court recently. Hopelessly optimistic, terminally disappointed. Good with cats and other fluffy things. No musical talent. Generous to a fault provided it's someone else's round. Political centreist with far right and left viewpoints. A green activist from the hydrocarbon position with nuclear leanings. Averse to avarice but always happy to receive lottery wins, gifts, windfalls, legacies, prizes and wet sloppy kisses.
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