Skeety costs

Although over the last year I haven’t done as much of it as I’d like, my acest favouritest outdoor hobby is clay busting and of that general sport, Skeet is the discipline of choice.
I first started back in 1980 (and some would say that I’ve got progressively worse at it since then) and have continued, off and on, ever since.
Being an absolute anorak on these matters I’ve kept records of the costs involved over the years, it makes interesting reading (if you’re an absolute anorak of course).
Cartridge costs 1980
Quality (eg Eley, Remington, Hull etc) per 1000       £90-£95
Cheap (eg Baikal) per 1000                                   £59- £65
Entry fees 1980 Skeet at Kingsferry Cun Club (Isle of Sheppey)
100 targets , registered inc prize pool                    £10
Cartridge Costs 2010
Steel shot, competition, per 1000                          £120
Lead shot,  competiton, per 1000                          £125-£160 depending on brand
Entry Fees 2010, non registered, no prize pool, at Kingsferry GC
100 targets                                                        £20
So really, it’s nowhere near as expensive to go shooty shooty bang bang these days. When you think that a pint of lager in 1980 was around 50p a pint and today it’s (depending on what type of bar you’re in) around £3.30. Drinking then, has an inflation factor of over 6 while skeeting is less than 2.
There’s a lesson there somewhere.

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