Thoughts, or should that be forts?

Operation…………..on leave.
Project…………………….143 exterior maintenance and makeover
Weather………………………………………once showers have gone through, wonderful.
Now for some serious thoughts on the matter of light. As one who still regards physics from the ‘classical’ viewpoint rather than from the ‘quantum’ camp, the following  is very interesting. Complete shite though.
For years many people understood (some of you probably still believe
it) that electric current flowed through a filament in a bulb such
that it glowed white hot, giving off light to illuminate areas of
Scientific developments (the electron microscope) have allowed us to
see the smallest of particles. Such developments have shown that
science was wrong in the assumption that current flows from positive
to negative, the electrons could be seen flowing the opposite
{Note: so the theorists came up with the solution that conventional
current was ‘holes’ flowing the other way!}
This theory has been developed and now affects many areas.

The area under discussion is LIGHT.

A bulb does not give off light, it attracts dark.
This is why the further you go from a bulb the darker it is, because
the attraction is not as strong.
the bulb transfers this dark along cables which go to central
processing plants. Here a number of things may happen. Typically it
will be condensed into a thick black concentrate in liquid form which
is taken out to sea and pumped down beneath the earths crust.
Developments have allowed the use of batteries to power bulbs. In this
instance the dark is gathered and stored in a cell which is thrown out
when full. As it gets full the field of attraction reduces, so there
is more ambient darkness. If the cell is cut open the concentrated
dark is clearly visible.


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