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Friday the 26th

Friday. Last day at Lunndunn Tarn ….. as a aworker……. feels very odd. Couldn’t zizz on the train on the way up, too excited? Too frightened maybe? It’s a big step and there are doubts. Bound to be perhaps, but … Continue reading

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Chaos and leaving

Crikey, the rail chaos continued last night and through to this morning. That be said, this morning’s late arrival hardly really constitutes chaos in the true sense. Cancelling peak time trains at the last minute resulting in a thousand irriated … Continue reading

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boom boom

Eeeek, the two Koreas are lobbing shells at each other and they’re not the sort you pick up from the beach they’re  boom boom ones. It’s sent a shiver down old allatsea’s spine. Over they years he’s spent quite a bit … Continue reading

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Back from Bbbbbrest

Goodness, where did the days get to? Just spent the best part of 3 weeks in the French town of Brest. Big port there, big naval base too. The job was a casualty tow. A little ship had been clobbered … Continue reading

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Old Mohicans and large Doc Martins

Margate was full of aged skinheads last night. Even the normally fairly genteel Barnacles was awash with them. Sixty somethings with gelled Mohican hairdos and knee length Doc martins. Bizarre or what? The reason, we discovered, was the ‘Sham 69’ … Continue reading

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