The long lonely silence

Apologies for the great ‘silence of December 2010’. Although welcomed by many I’m sure, there have been a few complaints from the faithful and to those folks I really do hold my head in shame. Back now though.

The days since leaving Nobby Dees on November 26th have flown by at a speed I didn’t think possible. There have a been a few factors that compromised the epic plans I’d made to fill the ‘empty’ days, I’ll list them shortly, but in the main it was all down to the sheer novelty and joy of not ‘HAVING’ to do anything at all each day. That overwhelmed me rather, that and allatsea’s intrinsic laziness. This probably sounds very tossy, but it’s about as near to the way it actually was. Then factor in the start of the Ashes which required through the night viewing/quaffing/doodling, add the flu from December 19th to yesterday (damned reluctant to depart this rather gawjiss body, obviously), also consider that since November 26th the daytime temperature hasn’t got above 4 degrees Celsius which precluded the whoopsy allatsea going outside. Last but not least, the joy of general pottering around the house, being busy doing nothing in particular became the order of most days. Enjoyable but leading to feeling just a teensy bit guilty about the degree of indolence being displayed. Poor old memsahib allatsea was in the meantime, running balls out (if you’ll forgive the expression) at her place of work, the rather quirkily named ‘Micks Nuts’. Yes, it is odd isn’t it, the name that is. For the curious out there, it’s a wholefoods wholesaler. Not always the first thing that springs to mind on first hearing it. I’ve seen some folks take exception but that surely is taking things too far.

I start work at the new place at Ramsgate on January 10th, looking forward to it but also a tadge nervous. Fingers crossed and all that. Have met a lot of the peeps I’ll be working with already and they all seem a decent bunch. The facilities (all newly built) look first class, a bit too posh for a yob-mariner like myself possibly, but appreciated none the less. I could almost feel middle class sitting in the control room, almost.

The chicken house and intermediate run have been assembled, painted and positioned. The feeders and waterers and feed and grit and straw and shavings have been bought and stored in the dry. The books have been read and the supplier (of the baby chickens) has been identified (Churchmans) and a spanner has been thrown into the works.
‘Over the back’…several gardens away lived a ‘mad’ cat lady. She had dozens and dozens of moggies. Whilst some would visit us to cadge the occasional titbit they never stayed long and were never ‘regular’ visitors. Well the old lady has either died or moved on and the cats have gone too. Except two. Both big bad tabbyToms (but disarmingly cute). One seems quite tame and has found a part of the house to call his own, he mixes in readily enough with our own 4 spoilt rotten felines and poses no threat to any of us. The other one has made the chicken house (that’ll teach me not close the pop hole at night) his castle. With the ghastly snowy weather we couldn’t turn him out (he won’t come in the house for some reason) so started to feed him in the coop, now of course, he won’t leave. Quandary then, what to do? Can’t get the chickens delivered with him there, living in the coop, but don’t want to turn him out in the cold weather having encouraged him to stay there in the first place. The only answer I fear, is to build another (smaller) coop (cat house?) and get him to move in there, then get the chickens delivered and ensconced in their own gaff. Ooh, it’s all to much for a gentle chap like allatsea.

Vaillant boilers. They’re good aren’t they? One 23kW unit heats allatsea towers very well come hail or snow. That is it did until around 6 weeks ago. Five visits from the maintenance people and frequent breakdowns since the end of November have driven us to distraction. Despite being only 13 years old and described as a ‘boiler for life’ by the blurb from the original installers it seems we need to fit a new one. So be it.
Quotes from several local ‘approved’ dealers for a similarly specified unit have come in at around the £2700 mark.
A search on the internet provided us with a Vaillant EcoTEC 624 for £980 inc VAT, my gas SAFE mucker Rob will fit it and charge around £300 including bits of pipe and couplings. A grand total of £1300 or thereabouts. Where’s the other £1400? Certainly not in the pocket of the local dealers. Rip off Ronnies by the looks of it.

Naughty chaps.

Happy New Year

About allatsea

Sixty year old master-mariner. Absolutely gorgeous. Well wedged.....when compared to a Nairobi street urchin. Sorted, in that I haven't been in court recently. Hopelessly optimistic, terminally disappointed. Good with cats and other fluffy things. No musical talent. Generous to a fault provided it's someone else's round. Political centreist with far right and left viewpoints. A green activist from the hydrocarbon position with nuclear leanings. Averse to avarice but always happy to receive lottery wins, gifts, windfalls, legacies, prizes and wet sloppy kisses.
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