Sunday sunday

Sunday and still cold and blighted by northerly wind, brrrrrrrr.

Broadband at allatsea towers has never been very fast but up until Xmas it would rattle along at around 1 Megf which did for us here with our primitive requirements. Since ‘the holidays’ however it really has slowed down to a crawl and it’s becoming annoying. We’re only a 20 minute walk from the main exchange for goodness sake, surely the service should be better than it is? Thanks BT….for nowt!!

Memsahib allastea and yours truly did the nature bit this afternoon and walked around the Pegwell Bay, Stour Estuary wildlife paths. Very pleasant indeed. Loads of birdlife around the salt marshes. Positively teeming with it. There were a few too many dog walkers in places though, especially the type that think it’s an absolute hoot when their troublesome mutts bark continually and chase past the ‘Sensistive wildlife area, keep out’ signs. Ghastly oiks.

It being Sunday and allatsea being a terrible creature of habit a visit to Barnacles to meet mucker Martin and quaff buckets of foaming ale. Or, in my case, a few pints of Nelson Mandela followed by a couple of large Wife Beaters. Ah, the delights of the English quayside pub. I say that I’ll be meeting mucker Martin there, but that does all depend on Mrs Martin giving ‘royal’ sanction. It shouldn’t be taken as read. Oh dear no.

It was nephew Joe’s 23rd birthday yesterday. He was working out in the Western Australian wilds on a land drilling rig but still had coverage on his mobile phone (satellite feed?) so we were able to have a convivial SMS conversation. He’s a good lad and very polite to his uncle. I’m just wondering where on earth the last 23 years have gone. The day he was born seems like last week and I’m not joking. Eeek.

Ok, it’s time to put some coke in the boiler and attempt to build enough steam pressure to post this on our creaking broadband. Toot toot.

About allatsea

Sixty year old master-mariner. Absolutely gorgeous. Well wedged.....when compared to a Nairobi street urchin. Sorted, in that I haven't been in court recently. Hopelessly optimistic, terminally disappointed. Good with cats and other fluffy things. No musical talent. Generous to a fault provided it's someone else's round. Political centreist with far right and left viewpoints. A green activist from the hydrocarbon position with nuclear leanings. Averse to avarice but always happy to receive lottery wins, gifts, windfalls, legacies, prizes and wet sloppy kisses.
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