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Page added-war imminent

Evening all. On a day when, following the Russian ‘invasion of Ukraine”   and  talk on Radio 4 where the words, ‘Russia, NATO , war, to and go’  featured in one sentence,it seemed the only sensible thing to do.  Trawl through the … Continue reading

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Ramsgate Port, more lunacy from the courts.

Another example from our friends who live in  Law-LaLa-land demonstrating that the The Law and Justice, are completely divorced from each other. Very sad to see. The following from BBC Kent. A council has been told it did not have … Continue reading

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Is this the best and most comprehensive signature/CV ….ever?

The following is Joel Veitch’s email signature. Joel is a bit of an entertainment whizz kid producing animated amusing short films and video sketches. His stuff makes old allatsea laff it does. “Joel VeitchFounder of rathergood.comMember of the International Academy … Continue reading

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I want a job on that ship

From Bloomberg today. The possibility of crew-less ships has come a step nearer it seems. Now call allatsea old fashioned but the thought of driving a boat from the comfort of the front room using an I Pad seems rather … Continue reading

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Going to the dogs….but not as we know it.

The vandals have been busy in the ‘Old Town’ near the harbour. The area is getting a bit trendy now that the Turner centre has opened, there are quite a few new eateries and cafes on the scene. One poor … Continue reading

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Tis true

Why I want to be a Captain In the first edition of the Swedish magazine  ‘Utkiken’ we found the following article written by a 10 year old British schoolboy. “I want to be a captain when I grow up because … Continue reading

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Great grandaddy Robert the Devil

Allatsea comes from a lineage of maritime folk and no mistake, your honour. Daddy allatsea was a sailor, grandad allatsea was a sailor and great grandaddy allatsea was a Thames waterman, a barge owner, drunk, philanderer, sometime pugilist and devil. … Continue reading

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