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19th October 2011

MPI Adventure

Foundation sequence H13 M17 B10. Her main crane has been re-rated to 1000 tonnes SWL. Don’t know if that’ll help matters or not to be honest. She seemed to cope perfectly well with the de-rating. Anyway, she’s been broken down (crane problems) for the last few days and will operational again on Friday…..they say.

Sea Worker continues with her usual two Shoalbusters sort of. Sea Alfa has broken down and has been replaced by Sea Bravo. She should be back on Saturday. The pile sequence is as per the coordination meeting minutes, next one will be H13 followed by M17 and B10. Sea Worker will sail from Harwich at 0500 tomorrow.


The Wilcarry 300 and Wiltango plus the barges are on the beach at Cleve. The Stemat Spirit is due at Margate Roads around the 24th. We need to board her to do the Mariner induction and hand over the ‘Ship info’ package. The Coastal Vanguard and Stemat 77 are ramped up and ready in the Swale/Chatham. Once Stemat Spirit gets here it would be prudent to let the Medway Harbour-master know that things are ‘finally’ about to start. VSMC have been asked to provide a detailed list of vessels that will be involved in the pull-in. We need to make sure that all have been audited and that there are no show stoppers lurking in the background. They’ve said that they will use 5 ribs but we’ve only seen three. I’ve asked them for ID and location of the 5th one so we can look at her but no response yet. This includes having all the folk involved in Windreg. Lucy is on the case but we need to make sure they’re up to speed.

Sea Rex and Thames Explorer (this one possible not now) will be crewboats supporting VSMC operations, as well as Svend T. Heard a rumour that they are looking at changing out Svend T as she’s so small. I’ve audited both vessels. Reports by Thursday night. Sea REX needs to conduct a MOB drill soonest once up and running following audit issue close outs.

Jan Steen continues her stuttering and chaotic installation of inter array cables. The Danish cable people CT Offshore are going to join the project as inter-array cable installers too. There will be 4 cable vessels involved so there’ll be a lot more vessels and people to process in the coming few weeks.

See the coordination meeting minutes for details of cables installed. In summary there are 6 and there are problems with three of them!!

GMSL are bringing new vessels into the project during week 42. Atlantic Guardian (now cancelled), a hotel vessel (will be audited by SMC so keep them advised of etas and location etc), multicat MCS Anneke and crewboat Carmel Head will need auditing. We’ve mailed a PTU to Carmel Head in Scotland for local installation.

Atlantis is still mobilising but due at the end of this week at Sheerness. There’s some confusion as to whether she needs an audit from us or not. This needs checking with PAS as he did the last audit and GMSL. Cable Sovereign is due on project in early November, will need auditing (SMC?).

Siemens crewboats Transporter and Discoverer have arrived. They’ll need auditing and also we need to see if they’ll be fitted with LAL PTUs (in hand the PTUs that is). The crews have been entered into Windreg.

Marine Licence

A new procedure for monitoring vessels on the project (by the licencing authorities) is in place. Please go to Documents/MARINE LICENCE on the pooter for details. We are in the process of obtaining ‘acknowledgement’ forms from all the vessels identified in the matrix. The procedure details what we are to do with the forms. IMPORTANT we need to confirm the access corridor available to the boats entering from the NE. I’ve printed off the reminder from our consents department.


Marian array is crewed for 24 hour operations. GMSL have to give us 48 hours notice for access to the substations.

Fastnet Tern has gone.

Conwy Bay as per usual.

Meriel D was broken down for 6 days (waiting on spare parts). There is therefore, a survey backlog. Surveys will have precedence over crew-boating activities. It’s possible that we will off hire Meriel D (she’s on 24 hours notice seemingly) and use the Siemens boats instead for transfer duties.

Smeaton Array is here. She has a draft of 1.8 metres and needs 1 metre under-keel clearance. She’s a propeller (CPP) vessel and the skippers aren’t used to such beasts yet.

Mary Ann 1 seems to stay out in the field forever. Bless them. She goes to Lowestoft for fuel and stores every 6 weeks. I believe, following today’s (20/09) crew change, Captain Jim is in command, Capt Jim of SBS who was here in the early days.

Coordination meetings are on a daily basis, including weekends and the face to face meetings are on a Thursday at Ramsgate. Please note that MC attendance at the Tuesday interface meetings is mandatory. I actually find that meeting interesting because we get to hear of progress and intent in general terms. Your honour.

For continuity of ‘knowledge’ between the MCs, we’re to start using the MC Handover notes folder to post hard copies of salient instructions and procedures etc.

VIP trips.

See diary for details, there’s lots of them. Have created a folder in Outlook for VIP Trip specific email.Best to use the public pontoons so that’s what shall be used in future.

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