Bunker prices

Good Morning.
A visit to the fine folks at bunkerworld.com shows that price of low sulphur MGO (Marine gas oil) at Rotterdam yesterday was $880 per Tonne.
The price for ‘ordinary’ gas oil was $880 per tonne.
Eh? No difference?
Indeed folks, there is no cost penalty to vessel operators having to use low sulphur MGO (mandatory from 01/01/2015) in the North Sea. Mind you if they had been operating in the N Sea and were using IFO (intermediate fuel oil) on passage (rather than just in port/under pilotage) then there is a bit of a penalty.
Bunker World was quoting yesterday,  the following per metric tonne.
IFO 180 (1% Sulphur) at $640 and standard IFO180 at $600
If that doesn’t mean too much to you then consider that a largish container ship with main plant rated at say 60,000 BHP or 42 MW in real money,  running say from the Straits of Dover to Hamburg would be burning around (assuming a SFC of 0.185kg/kWh) 7.8 tonnes of MGO (rather than IFO)  per hour (that’s around 9040 litres by the way), so a price difference of 200-260 USD per tonne starts to add up—–quite a lot. Blimey.
Also when one considers that the largest of container ships have plant rated at 70MW, the numbers do really crank up. That said, vessel will have a capacity for say 15000 TEU so the additional cost per per of pair jeans/DVD player/XBox/fridge is a just pennies………………………your honour.
Well that’s one less thing to worry about then. Now about those floods in the Home Counties. If the delivery lorries can’t through to Waitrose I swear I shall just, like, die.

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