London Array phase Two-not going to happen.

Allatsea had heard some time ago that the issues surrounding the wellbeing of the ‘Red throated diver’ was spooking the shareholders behind the planned expansion of London Array. London Array phase two.

The following from Kent Online today.


“A huge expansion of the London Array wind farm off the north Kent coast will not go ahead, it has been revealed today.

A statement from the consortium behind the world’s largest wind farm put the decision to halt the next stage of development down to various factors – including uncertainty over the potential impact on birds.

They included a review by consortium members of their portfolios, the technical challenges and environmental uncertainties surrounding the site. The latter demands a wait of at least three years until Phase 2’s potential impact on birds could be completely assessed.

One of 175 wind turbines that make up Phase 1 of the London Array wind farm off north Kent
One of 175 wind turbines that make up Phase 1 of the London Array wind farm off north Kent


General manager Mike O’Hare said: “Phase 2 has always been subject to a Grampian condition requiring London Array to demonstrate that any change caused by the additional turbines to the habitat of the red throated divers that overwinter in this part of the Thames Estuary would not compromise its status as a designated environmental Special Protection Area.

“We believe it will take until at least January 2017 for that data to be collected and although initial findings from the existing Phase 1 site look positive, there is no guarantee at the end of three years that we will be able to satisfy the authorities that any impact on the birds would be acceptable.”

Red throated divers are a migratory bird on the RSPB’s amber list for bird species at risk. They are mainly concentrated in Shetland and around the north coast of Scotland and its islands. Outside the breeding season they are numerous along the UK’s east coast.

Mr O’Hare added: “In the absence of any certainty that Phase 2 would be able to go ahead, our shareholders have decided to surrender The Crown Estate agreement for lease on the site, terminate the grid connection option, and concentrate on other development projects in their individual portfolios. Our existing operations at Ramsgate and staffing levels are unaffected.””

London Array’s power  generation capacity is 630MW; it’s eventual capacity, following expansion in Phase 2 was planned to be 1GW (1000MW). Hmm seems like they’re happy to have  windfarm producing only 63% of the original claims and dare I say it, hype?

This follows on the from recent announcements of two other cancelled offshore windfarms, one of which was to be the very large ‘Atlantic Array’

We’re all doomed laddie, doomed.

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