Our friends the WAFIs

From BBC Hampshire news

The skipper of a racing yacht has been made to pay over £100,000 in fines and costs after colliding with a tanker in a narrow channel. The yacht collided with the tanker resulting in the rigging getting caught up on the tanker’s anchor causing the mast to collapse onto to the head of one of the crew.
The skipper was found guilty of failing to keep a proper lookout, and impeding a vessel using a narrow channel. In passing sentence, The Judge said, “Fortuitous it was that there was no loss of life. The yacht took a decision, and as I find the wrong decision, to sail towards the problem into the path of the tanker across a narrow channel. It should have kept clear and in the worst event used her engine.”
Hazardous occurrences resulting from the absence of a good look out can be reported to CHIRP at www.chirp.co.uk and we will be pleased to follow up in any report in the interest of improving safety at sea.


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