A tale of two windfarms

Firstly I’d like to point out to any detractors that Ramsgate is a luvverly place with very reasonably priced fish and chips, a nice harbour, a few good pubs, Rookes the butchers, and it’s home to the O & M (operations and maintenance) HQs for two of the UK’s largest offshore windfarms, namely Thanet and London Array.

Allatsea was wandering about the place t’other day when firstly he was taken by the road-sign pictured below, strange driving habits in this town folks, very strange. At least I thought it strange until allatsea mucker/comrade/colleague/fellow bon viveur Geoff pointed out that when 40 tonne lorries (as was their want prior to the opening of the dedicated port access road) came round the corner by the Churchill Pub, they were indeed, in the middle of the road.

You can't say you weren't warned.

You can’t say you weren’t warned.

Couldn’t but help notice the difference between the respective O&M HQs, they’re next door to each other. The First picture below is of the Thanet O&M, the second, the London Array O&M.

Thanet, O&M. Deserted-ish?

Thanet, O&M. Deserted-ish?

Busy busy busy.

London Array Busy busy busy.

For those that are interested, please see the link below for the Wikipedia ‘Ramsgate Harbour’ page. Fannit will fank you for it.


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2 Responses to A tale of two windfarms

  1. Geoff says:

    Hi Richard
    If I could be so bold as to enlighten you then correct you on your Ramsgate musings. Firstly the strange road sign, which in its time was certainly not to be taken lightly. Back in the early 90’s (when I was just a sprightly cabin boy) all passenger and freight traffic bound for the beautiful Sally Ferries had to approach the Port of Ramsgate via London Rd, Grange Rd then onto St Augustine’s Rd, which leads onto Paragon Rd. No problem for a car, but a 44 ton articulated lorry had a degree of difficulty rounding the tight 90 deg. corner by the Churchill pub, and often required the use of the opposite side of the road. An unsuspecting car going up the hill towards Churchills could be confronted with a blooming great lorry in the middle of the road, thus causing a brown trouser moment..

    All this become history with the opening of the Ramsgate Harbour approach road and tunnel in 2000, at a cost of £32m, and two after those beautiful red Sally Ferries departed from the Ramsgate to Dunkerque route.

    Secondly your error is naming the passenger walkway shown in the LAL picture. This walkway is the one on No.1 berth used by the Sally Sky and Sally Star. The walkway which tragically collapsed was actually on No.3 berth, built to service the Prins Filip and the other RMT ferries on the short lived Ramsgate to Oostend service. After the accident the walkway was permanently removed.

    Hope you not mind the correction

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