Following on from the WAFI story……

Allatsea suddenly realised that some of you folks out there in blogblog land might not know what a WAFI is.

The following was snipped form ‘Urban Dictionary’, it relates to the earlier story.


“Stands for Wind Assisted Fucking Idiot.These people are ignorant arseholes (usually middle or upper class) who go sailing for ‘pleasure’ but don’t know the first thing about safely controlling a vessel on the sea. They cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds in unnecessary rescues due to their completely non-existent respect for nature. They are despised by fishermen especially.
I see that Roland Wilson who’s yacht hit the oil tanker has been fined £100,000, what a complete WAFI!”
End of quote
So there you have it.
Just one little comment from allatsea wrt to the remark that WAFIs are ‘despised especially by fisherman’. Erm, people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones: fisherman are despised by EVERYONE. So they say :o)
Clacton lifeboat, now standby ETV for the East Coast following the government's cutbacks

Clacton lifeboat, now standby ETV for the East Coast following the government’s cutbacks.

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