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BANJUL (Reuters) – Gambia will drop English as an official language soon because it is a colonial relic, President Yahya Jammeh has said, without indicating which language the tiny West African country would use in its place.

Gambia’s 1.9 million people speak several African languages including Mandingo, Fula and Wolof, the most widely spoken language of Senegal, its only direct neighbour. The country gained independence from Britain in 1965.

“We no longer believe that for you to be a government you should speak a foreign language. We are going to speak our own language,” Jammeh said in an address in English last week that was broadcast on Tuesday.

English is the main language of education, but Jammed said that was no reason to keep it. “The British did not care about education, that means they were not practising good governance. All they did was loot and loot and loot,” he said.

Jammeh spoke during the swearing-in of Justice Ali Nawaz Chowhan, a Pakistani national, as Gambia’s new chief justice.

The president, who seized power in a 1994 coup, drew international criticism after he executed a number of prisoners in 2012. In October, he accused the United States and Britain of fomenting coup attempts and supporting the opposition.

He did not give a precise time frame for the dropping of English but said it would happen “very soon.”

(Reporting by Pap Saine; Editing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg and Tom Heneghan)

But wait dear friends, there’s more from t’interweb

A British Tourist Said That Yahya Jammeh Is A Foolish President. Jammeh Gives More Than Five Hundred Thousand Dalasi To The Senegalese Musician, Titi!

It is me Mr. undercover officer once again. As I told you, all the information I sent to you is factual and true. Pa Yahya Jammeh is now trying to make Gambians happy with him that’s why he is organizing all these foolish programs in Kanilai. Jammeh is very good at distracting peoples’ attention. He wants us to forget about Imam Baba Leigh. Jammeh thinks that he is wise but he is not, he is foolish.

Cylinder head maintenance on #3 main engine  'Maersk Supporter'. Absolutely nothing to do with Gambian politics. The last time allatsea was in Gambia (1963) Banjul was called Bathurst and was well remembered for being a mosquito infested shitheap. Bless.

Cylinder head maintenance on #3 main engine ‘Maersk Supporter’. Absolutely nothing to do with Gambian politics. The last time allatsea was in Gambia (1963) Banjul was called Bathurst and was well remembered for being a mosquito infested shitheap. Bless.

Pa my informer at Kanilai witnessed everything that happened there this weekend. He have many pictures and will send it later. My informer said the Senegalese musician received more than 500,000 Dalasi from Jammeh. The money was given to her sealed in an envelope and was shown live on Grts television. Pa, Titi was praising Jammeh and he was smiling with his big and dirty mouth. Pa, trust me, Jammeh is pretending to be happy but he is not.

I was chatting with a British Tourist in Banjul, he was waiting for the ferry to cross. Pa, this tourist was so discouraged and vowed never to visit The Gambia again. He stood more than two hours waiting for the ferry to cross. Pa, the tourist said that our president is a player. He said our ferry service is very bad, Pa trust me I was very ashamed. It’s high time Jammeh steps down. I will feed you with more info!

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