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Snipped from a discussion forum that was asking why the BBC ‘censored’ a question asked in a live debate from a mosque.

It seems one very irritated and angry response was rather neatly ‘squashed’ by a pointed counter-view.

It’s the humble opinion of us lot at the towers that you can’t trust anyone whose ideals /culture doesn’t encourage the drinking of beer. Nuff said.



Muslims have brought the following benefits to Britain:
the savage and cowardly murder of one of our off duty soldiers
aircraft, train and bus bombers
paedophile grooming gangs
filth and squalor in the ghettos they have set up
no-go areas for indigenous people in our big cities
bigamous marriages
arranged marriages
female circumcision
inhumane slaughter of animals
sharia law
women ? who walk around in ridiculous, tent like clothing
and now we have to add, stifling of free speech, when it is directed towards to the gay members of this odious seventh century cult.
The influence of the cult of Islam expands daily in our land, enthusiastically encouraged to do so, by the Lib/ Lab / Con. brigade and facilitated by “respectable ” muslims, ( an oxymoron if ever) who act as fifth columnists on its behalf . It is steadily exerting an influence over ALL our lives and even has its trolls on conservative blogs.
The BBC has certainly demonstrated that it now censored and controlled by those belonging to Islam, a fact many of were well aware of anyhow

  • ButchersDogbundamba

    Let’s be honest, we got most of that lot from the IRA before Islam was perceived as a problem at all. Big difference being the number of killed and wounded. Yet these were ‘Christians’

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