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Eastbound 9 knots

The plane was three quarters full, mainly old, middleclass Brits heading southeastwards for the sun. Fortunately the patron saint of disgruntled ex-mariners travelling by air provided for a roomy trip and three seats were to be had, all for grumpy … Continue reading

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The right way to do things

The glorious picture below is of a chap gagged and taped to his aircraft seat. He is in this predicament because he got very drunk on a flight, ‘kicked off’ and irritated his fellow passengers so much that  that’s what … Continue reading

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Is software the devil in drag

Allatsea has faced gun toting drunk border guards in Malabo, irate wives, irate husbands, mad mums, lunatic socialists (aren’t they all), mono-syllabic fascists, life leeching tax inspectors, rabied doggies and Margate’s finest BUT  none of those occasions have EVER given … Continue reading

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Easter blighted by travel to work. Not completely blighted, travelling out on the Sunday, but enough to be, blighted, so to speak.   Never mind.   Genesis gig from 1973 playing on You Tube, a great rushing wave of nostalgia … Continue reading

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Boats, memories, places, friends

Venting the dry bulk tanks, North Sea, 1996, Maersk Mystery Working the S7000, towing her (as an assist vessel to her own thrusters) from Ushant to offshore Pointe Noire. Maersk Mariner. Aberdeen circa 1996/97. The diminutive Maersk Trader. The Shetland … Continue reading

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The Thanet Clive Fart Column

Working For the Council A bloke goes to Thanet council to apply for a job in the council leader’s office. The interviewer asks him, “Are you allergic to anything?”He replies, “Yes, caffeine.”“Have you ever worked for the public service before?”“Yes, … Continue reading

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Sunny Margitt

Spring is truly here, in fact it was so sunny and pleasant today that we of  the towers partook of a late afternoon perambulation along the foreshore. Sights to behold, only the culture centre that is Margitt could host such … Continue reading

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