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Little by little

As possibly the least able aspiring guitar player in the history of kakky aspiring guitar players,  allatsea has long lost any real ambition to play even the smallest and most humble stages of the music world. That said, he can … Continue reading

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Oooh yawn, a little bit of politics

Here at the towers we like to think we believe in fairness and meritocracy, genuinely. Honest your honour!! This does get put to the test every now and again though when folks start talking bollocks and expecting us to believe … Continue reading

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Manston, cargo V passenger, thoughts please

  There’s a bit of speculation that Manston airport, despite Mrs Pirate of Gloag’s best intentions, will reopen as an operating commercial cargo-centric airfield. Obviously not everyone is thrilled with this possibility. One enlightened individual wrote the following (rather tersely … Continue reading

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Lundunn Citeee Fiasco

0730 in’t mornin and the phone drives away the last vestiges of sleep. It’s the office, can allatsea go to Vlissingen East and look interested and that sort of thing? Yes, when? Now they say. Bugger. Closest and easiest airport … Continue reading

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A European Dream

A European ‘beauty’  dreaming of allatsea at Westbrook Towers earlier today.   The European Union commissioners have announced that agreement has been reached to adopt English as the preferred language for European communications, rather than German, which was the other … Continue reading

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Scudding rain.

Looking north from Westybrookus, nothing but grey and scuddy rainy stuff. Ooh,  very Novemberish indeed. Cool too, weight in the wind, bend over, shiver shiver. Truth be told, allatsea much prefers this to the sun and gentleness of recent days. … Continue reading

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Saturday in Westbrook

Saturday in Westbrook. The North wind’s a blowing albeit with a bit of East in it too.  This has brought the para-surfers out in force,  Westbrook beach with the wind from the NE seems to being them en-masse. Margate Roads … Continue reading

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