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Manston, a pragmatic view.

The following from the Thanet Gazette. Well written and thoughtful…….for a change. Why has Manston closed? Because not enough airlines, either passenger or cargo, want to use it. Over the last 15 years, Wiggins, PlaneStation and Infratil have all lost … Continue reading

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Ahoy shipmates

Being cut off, so to speak, from the bosom of the home fires, moggies and memsahib, is not always that easy to deal with. Especially if that ‘cut’ off becomes a tadge extended. Being on the good ship ‘Bigmutha#ucker’ for … Continue reading

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Collective nouns

  Collective nouns.   Whales, a group of whales is a ‘Pod’. Wolves (?), a ‘pack’. Zebras, a ‘herd’. Sheep, a ‘flock’. All quite familiar to us.   Less familiar stuff perhaps. Swans (on the ground), a ’bank’, snakes are … Continue reading

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Argentina, a letter to

Our old sparring partners in the Argentine have defaulted on their huge debt to WONGA.WORLD and are in a bit of bother, BIG time. To take the population’s mind off the imminent financial meltdown  the lady Guvnor of said  football crazy, … Continue reading

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Tuesday and it’s quite chilly

Being stuck out west of the Shetlands for ever and a day with a dodgy intertweb connection and no more grub for the carrier pigeons is causing a bit of a kerfuffle on the ‘comms wiv Fannit’ front. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Ode to Old Erith

The following poem, ‘an Ode to Old Erith’, Robert the Devil’s stomping ground, written by Pat Watson in 1982, mentions ‘Bob the Devil’. ODE TO OLD ERITH It was always a shabby, funny town, when I was small: It’s only … Continue reading

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Sumburgh Head

Wet and horrible Windy and grey Spray going everywhere It’s not a nice day

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