Collective nouns


Collective nouns.


Whales, a group of whales is a ‘Pod’. Wolves (?), a ‘pack’. Zebras, a ‘herd’. Sheep, a ‘flock’. All quite familiar to us.


Less familiar stuff perhaps. Swans (on the ground), a ’bank’, snakes are known as ‘bed’ and magpies as a ‘charm’.


But what about the more obtuse and specialist nouns? The following hot off the press.


Marine warranty surveyors = an ‘angst’


Tax inspectors = a ‘cynic’


Liberals  =  a ‘worry’


Swimming instructors = a ‘paddle’


Football fans = a ‘turd’


Politicians (national level) = a ‘drivel’


Politicians (local level) = a ‘nonsense’


Trade unionists = a ‘gang’


Pub regulars = a ’shuffle’


Consultants (of any kind) = a ‘grab’


Salad dodgers = a ‘flab’


Eco warriors = a ‘toss’


Mumsnet members = a ‘stain’



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