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And so the toll goes on and on….

Albanian seamen die in ferry rescue Two Albanian seamen have been killed on a tugboat while towing the fire-stricken Norman Atlantic ferry. Both men died after a connecting cable between the vessels snapped on Tuesday morning and became entangled in … Continue reading

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Allatsea’s dad aged six.

A trip to see uncle allatsea at 143 Millmead Road just before Christmas produced this, the above pic of allatsdea’s dad aged six. Here is he is then in 1936 in Erith Kent (now London apparently?), looking cherubic and holding … Continue reading

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Success……..a definition of.

A definition of success. Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill

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Who’d a thought it a year ago?

Who’d a thought it a year ago? Bro allatsea and son Tom Collapsing Oil May Force Maersk to Close Some Oil Sites The continued falling price of oil may lead Maersk Oil to close some oil sites and operations, Reuters … Continue reading

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poem-between by Shawn L Bird

poem-between. Between then and now Between here and there Between faith and doubt Between love and hate Between us and them Between you and me Between life and death We hover

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Little by Little

Lines from ‘Carry on Loving’, made in 1970 Sid James: I see you’ve been married before? Peter Butterworth: Yes twice, they both died. SJ: I’m sorry to hear that, what did they die from? PB: The first one ate some … Continue reading

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Nine day summary

Thursday, 0730 Margate to Cannon Street. First time in a year for that journey. Still lacking in charm, comfort and dignity. Lovely and a mere £59.40 day return for the privilege.  Lunch with my colleagues from marine department. A good … Continue reading

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