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When the wind does blow

When the wind does blow, the bicycle stays in the shed. So much for an hour a day on the Cannondale. What happened to March going out like a lamb?

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Wot I ritt sum years ago

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Alexandria, Primark and Westbrook Club Shenanigans.

Alexandria, Primark and Westbrook Club Shenanigans. There’s word, on the streets of Margate, of revolution in the air. There’s talk on the streets of Margate, of change and downfall and old guards being trampled, of change and new order and … Continue reading

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A video diary, the first, probably the last

The following clip was shot in the Sheraton Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt in early March, a couple of days before tripping and damaging a beautiful face and right hand. Prior to being repatriated to the UK on March 15th, the stay … Continue reading

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Even the New York Times is writing about it.

The middle-aged presenter of a British TV show about cars has been suspended by the BBC for allegedly hitting his producer during a “fracas.” Big deal, you might think; hardly global news. Except that, for many people, the suspension last … Continue reading

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Abandon the good ship ‘Thanet Civil Pride’

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Surely not?

This just in from those mamby pamby limp wristed pinkos at the Grauniad.   SNP referendum oil figures ’13 times higher than reality’ New figures published by the Office for Budget Responsibility show the North Sea is only expected to … Continue reading

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