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Get sharp, stay sharp, don’t drink Harp.

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Bullying and harassment by people that should know better

Interesting facts concerning bullying and harassment in the workplace, in the case above, in the Swedish Merchant Navy. Sadly this sort or arsehole behaviour by certain individuals is not  restricted to small niche working environments in the Nordic countries. Allatsea … Continue reading

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A poem from Gillian English

Gently falling barometer of life Rising air masses mirror inversely our declining years No nimbus to puncture the stratus of low ceilinged routine, to highlight a victory or celebration, Tramwayed direction locked to a stagnant path, with ambition as vagarious … Continue reading

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I think therefore I am

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A very very very big hook

Baz from the pub has been on, blathering about the size of the hooks darn the butchers!! ‘The effing butchers?’ says allatsea and the gang, ‘big hooks?’. Get a grip Baz for gawd’s sake my sunn. These are big hooks … Continue reading

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Long lost poem

A delightful nautically themed poem wott I found on the rather lovely blog, ‘’ Poem, origin unknown, found in handwritten notes of the late Frank Willmott. Buxom barges drifting, Outward with the tide, Outward, onwards, seaward, Where buoys and beacons … Continue reading

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Maybe Saturday

There’s weapon’s grade Euroshite pop blaring out of the safety officer’s office and the gym on the deck below our suite of offices appears to be hosting a battle of  ‘kak drumming loops’ competition. Aural delight it is not. The … Continue reading

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