Bullying and harassment by people that should know better

Bullying & harassment

Interesting facts concerning bullying and harassment in the workplace, in the case above, in the Swedish Merchant Navy.

Sadly this sort or arsehole behaviour by certain individuals is not  restricted to small niche working environments in the Nordic countries. Allatsea himself has been a victim of it in his current employment, at a large marine consultancy with a progressive (they say) attitude to the workplace environment.  Funnily enough, it’s Nordic owned, so maybe there is a link? He points out however that the problem is very local, local even within the locality….so to speak. It’s not company wide afahk. It demonstrates that bullying can emanate from  just one or two individuals but it soon contaminates entire departments if allowed to go un-checked. Result very un-happy workers and a ridiculously large churn rate.

Several of his colleagues have also found the continuous open forum criticism, relentless macro-management, charmless honchos and crass lack of common courtesy too much to endure and have left, feeling worthless and drained. They seek sanctuary within firms that respect their staff and treat them as peers rather than bothersome, no good, phuck-witted oafs. The figure above of 58% of individuals being bullied is small beer when compared to us lot, more like (taking dept. heads and technical authorities out of the mix) 90%. Sad but true!!

Still, the net is closing and hopefully court action and/or public ridicule will result in some improvements, namely the removal of the individuals concerned. We live in hope.

Failing that, there’s always http://www.suemyboss.co.uk

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