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They don’t build them like that anymore

Those were the days……sigh.  

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Merchant Navy Rememberance Day

Extract from The Times Saturday August 29th 2015 Time to Remember the forgotten dead of the Merchant Navy By Roger Hoefling The Merchant Navy is the fourth Service but it is also the forgotten service, it has not been unknown … Continue reading

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Lucky lucky old allatsea

Mr. Jim Walton: Dear Friend, Greetings and compliments of the season, I Know This Message Will Come to You as a Surprise. Please due welcome the letter and help me out as you finish reading. I Am (Jim Walton) secretary … Continue reading

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Putinism in Ecosse

It surprises some that the paper of choice (hardcopy and digital) for the gobshite known as ‘allatsea’ is the Grauniad.  Yep, that limp wristed pinko-lefty hand-wringing sobsheet and favourite of the public sector mutual admiration brigade and all liberal  sighers. … Continue reading

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Pin piles, covers and barrels

There they be, four pin piles, four covers. Use once and throw away, the pin pile template. Baby ILT for the covers installation, gorgeous ickle thing. Stabbing one of two ILTs into the template lift rigging  prior to installation. First … Continue reading

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The beauty of the words

Here it comes, genius in evidence, prepare to weep the tears of the truly fortunate.   “Jingle jangle Tangle, bong. I’m trying to get ready here, Anyone seen my thong?   Oh well, maybe not.   The luvverlee memsahib-allatsea enjoying … Continue reading

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