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Baz’s poem

Baz has been on the dog again, it’s not crane hooks this time, it’s poetry. Seems he’s been watching one too many shows on BBC 4 and Sky Arts and is seeking ‘a new direction to voyage his inner self, a … Continue reading

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Big lift wowser

From the fine chaps at g Captain, impressive stuff. Ship Photos of the Day – 22 Vessel Heavy Lift and Transport September 28, 2015 by Mike Schuler A total of 22 vessels built at several Damen shipyards were loaded aboard … Continue reading

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South Park hahahahaha

This from the folks at the Grauniad today: South Park took on Donald Trump on Wednesday, in an episode ending with the Republican presidential candidate meeting a particularly violent death. The episode of the satirical Comedy Central cartoon, titled “Where … Continue reading

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Bruce-on-politics speaketh

The Daily Mail and the Grauniad the same? Surely not my lord? The Daily Mail is the newspaper of choice for middle England. It is conservative with both a big C and a small c. And it has endless stories … Continue reading

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Nigerian journalism at its most charming

The following from A seven-year-old girl (names withheld) has narrated how her father paid her after sexually abusing her at their Ojokoro Housing Estate, Meiran, Ijaiye, Lagos, residence. The primary three pupil said: “My daddy usually gives me money after … Continue reading

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They’ve got a point

Well the much heralded Euro-summit held last night to address the migration crisis didn’t offer up very much did it. A couple of bob to the aid agencies and a promise to think a bit more on what to do … Continue reading

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From our friends in Luvvydarlingland

Police are investigating after ‘Byebye’ star Minty Flange was injured during a fight on allatsea’s late night spin-off blog-show. Allatsea’s ‘Bit On The Carpet’  had to be taken off air 10 minutes early after a fight broke out between American … Continue reading

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