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Police are investigating after ‘Byebye’ star Minty Flange was injured during a fight on allatsea’s late night spin-off blog-show.

Allatsea’s ‘Bit On The Carpet’  had to be taken off air 10 minutes early after a fight broke out between American reality TV personality Amarinta Bollox and former contestant Poppy Bullshit.

Flange, 64, had to be taken to hospital after apparently becoming caught in the crossfire when darts were thrown.

The barrel containing 9 litres of export strength gin that Poppy and Amarinta drank prior to the start of the 'show'.

The barrel containing 9 litres of export strength gin that Poppy and Amarinta drank prior to the start of the ‘show’.

A source on the allatsea show said: “There was dart-throwing and ball-throwing and  up-throwing. Security had to rush in. Minty went to hospital to get checked out, but she’s OK.”

Minty later tweeted: “Been checked over … going home now. B****y hurt! But thank you for worrying, I’m OK … I think!”

A spokesman for the security company  said: ” We’re not really bovvered about this kakk but seemingly they received a report at 10.55pm on the evening of Tuesday September 22 regarding an incident which is alleged to have occurred in the Dog and Hammer pub in Maragate on Chalk. The incident occurred a short time before the call.

“Apparently someone is  currently making inquiries to establish the exact circumstances of what happened and will release further details when appropriate.”

The trio were panellists on the show presented by Dick Hymensnapper, but it soon became clear there was no love lost between Bollox and Bullshit.

The exchange began when Hymensnapper asked Bollox : “Do you miss Bullshit being in the house?”

“No, I don’t. She was just horrible,” the former Big Brother 7 star responded. “She never took accountability for anything she did because she’s a silly little girl.

“It’s just pathetic. She’s just nasty. There’s one thing standing up for yourself and being a strong woman. There’s another thing being a nasty horrible b****. You’ve got your cheque, get on your plane and f*** off. No one likes you here.”

Bullshit hit back by slow-clapping Bollox and saying: “Well done. Good job.”

An allatsea spokesman said: ” Bit On Carpet was interrupted his evening due to an incident on the rug.”

Hymen tweeted: “Apologies, we had to cut transmission due to reasons out of our control. Thanks to our loyal audience and viewers.”

Bollox: “Thanx for the concerned tweets I’m fine at home There seems to be a lot of misconstrued stories I will set the record straight I’m tired now.”

Like anyone gives a fig any way?

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