Air Chance

Seemingly Air France, known to zillions of unlucky users of said airline as Air Chance, is finally getting round trying to stave off imminent bankruptcy. Long said to be the only large airline to be run purely for the benefit  of its employees (Jezzer Corbyn would be so proud) reality is at last  starting to bite at boardroom level. The HR director recently announced a total of 3000 job losses, a reduction in the fleet and and an appraisal of route strategy. This didn’t go down well with  oiks on the shop (cockpit) floor very well and they chased him out of the offices along with his colleagues, tearing their suits and shirts from their backs. All very Gallic and ghastly if you ask us here at the towers.

The following snippets on the matter filched from the tweb. Entertaining stuff if a tadge ‘glass half empty’ in some cases.

“”You ain’t see nothin yet…wait until Hollande runs out of everybody else’s money. The truth is that most of the middle class in France are being fleeced, and this is just one example of the deep resentment in the population at large. What you see here has less to do with “droit acquis” and trade unions, than with the start of a yugoslav type scenario. The centre (Paris) has been draining the coffers at the expense of the rest of the country and is bleeding it’s industrial and agricultural heartland. Without these there is no economy, nothing left to tax and hence only civil war.””


Perhaps if Air France staff were as passionate about doing their jobs as they are about saving them, they wouldn’t be in this situation today.
I know many HR people deserve it, but any chance they could turn to CDG airport and vent their frustration on that instead? If they razed it to the ground the flying public would acclaim them as heroes.


An absolutely shockingly badly run airline which has mismanaged its takeover of KLM as well. My daughter’s firm has just taken over a loss-making French company and it is proving to be a nightmare. How on earth we let these socialists morons take over our power companies and expect them to build our next generation nuclear stations is beyond me.


I give Air France about 2 years before it is either broken up or declares bankruptcy. Living in France, I never use Air France if I can help it, as a) it’s ludicrously expensive compared to Easyjet, etc. b) you have at least a 10% risk of strike action, completely ruining your plans, c) the staff are arrogant and moody.


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