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Maaaaaaaersk blimey!

Blimey……… Maersk Supply Service to axe 20 vessels and 400 workers in large shakeup AUGUST 18TH, 2016 SAM CHAMBERS EUROPE, OFFSHORE0 COMMENTS Citing “unprecedented market conditions” Maersk Supply Service has announced it will slash its OSV fleet by up to … Continue reading

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A snippet from the Lagos Press

Local Councilors  fear Gender Equality Bill will turn women to prostitutes, lesbians and carpet munchers –  her reverence Good Luck Herder The reverent entity representing all things of self-interest, Good Luck Herder, has said the Council rejected the Gender Equal … Continue reading

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Palace, Palace? wtf is Palace?

Despite attending offshore on numerous occasions throughout the year, it’s rare to be on a ship that actually makes a passage from A to B of any distance greater than a few hours. Normally a helicopter or CTV will whisk … Continue reading

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Drizzle drazzle

August, Hartlepool, been raining steadily for 24 hours. Grey, dizzly, gloomy. Sigh. The cable’s on the carousel. A few tests to do, arrangements for departure to be finalised, all a bit up in the air for now. C’mon, let’s get … Continue reading

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Brighton calling…..

Tingly hands, sometimes, tingly legs. The system doesn’t seem to like surface pressure of any sort. Even the mildest of weights in the wrong place can produce the tingles. Perhaps it’s the medication? Perhaps it’s all imagined? Perhaps not, more … Continue reading

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You can say what you like about Sharia…….

They came when the residents were out. Minimal noise, minimal damage but sufficient to get in undetected by neighbours or passers by. They weren’t in long. Just a few minutes. Enough to rip the strongbox from the wall and smash … Continue reading

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