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Cats and cables

Dear blog readers, sorry to have left you for so long. Lot’s going on with the domestic front, mainly to do with the oldies needing support but also yours truly being lazy, lacklustre and generally indolent. Poor old drunky nunky … Continue reading

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Your man Frankie speaks

Frankie Boyle 20 February at 11:46 · Here’s a wee column the Guardian wouldn’t print because they didn’t like the Rupert Murdoch jokes: Say what you like about Donald Trump but he’s already done things people said were impossible, like … Continue reading

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Replace or not to replace.

So the Acer Aspire started playing tricks. It wouldn’t boot up or it would boot up, eventually, and run ‘right’ for around 10 minutes and then it would start slowly becoming  un-responsive and then finally  freeze altogether. Very irritating especially … Continue reading

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I sat down and ritt

Update: Blimey, not much blogging of late, there’re good reasons though. Aged mum still in hospital, been there since November 29th, requiring much support in many ways. This has been a large absorber of what would otherwise have been free/blogging … Continue reading

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