About allatsea


This site is a brother site  (or sister, whichever you prefer) to master-mariners.org.uk

All-at-sea.org has been up and running in it’s various guises for several years and is very much an idiosyncratic blog based site which grew out of “Allatsea, on the road with Britain’s most popular marine warranty surveyor” a blog which ran from 2006 to 2009. That blog was actually quite popular with large ‘hit’ rates but its popularity was largely (we think) due to its non-deferential  attitude to allatsea’s then employers; eventually he was given the choice ‘Blog or Job?’ The (A, O T R W B M P M W S)  blog went into the great cyber trash bin, never to be seen again. The job remained. Well, it remained until a different one was secured.

Allatsea, after a hiatus licking his wounds, resumed blogging in late 2009 on the WordPress platform, rather than Typepad which was the original vehicle. The blog morphing from the phoenix allatsea55.wordpress.com  into all-at-sea.org in early 2014.

master- mariners.org.uk  should be considered as ‘under construction’ or constantly evolving. Despite having the same owner/administrator as this site, its focus and style will, hopefully, be a little less facetious and more ‘technical content’ based rather than a jokey blog. Please note that as the site is developed it may be taken off-line and you’ll be re-directed here instead.

Another difference to the brother site is that rather than being hosted on WordPress servers in the USA, Master-Mariners is hosted in Blighty by webhosting.uk.com. Additionally, contributions from other others will be sought, rather than just relying on  ‘allatsea’. A diverse range of input should broaden the site’s appeal  and make it less yobby, so to speak.

So who is this ‘allatsea’ person?

Briefly, he’s a late fifties Master Mariner who lives in the Westbrook area of Margate in Kent on the South East coast of Britain. He lives there with his wife of 25+ years, some cats and the occasional chicken, with uncle and wine-lake draining mum nearby.

He spent from 1972 to 2004 at sea earning his crust variously as cadet, seaman, all the mate bits and Master. The latter with Maersk on AHTs.

From 2004 until now he’s worked as  a marine consultant, marine warranty surveyor, marine auditor, accident investigator and towmaster. This work has been undertaken in both  the oil & gas and the renewables  segments of the energy industry.

For nine horrible years, ghastly years in fact, from 1986 to 1995 he and the family owned and ran a Freehouse, the ‘Quart in a Pint Pot‘, in central Margate. This period was a great and very real educator for them all. The lessons learned with respect to recognising nice folks from the drunks, blaggers and arseholes have stood them in good stead to this day.

During those nine years, he kept his marine certificates of competence valid by serving in the RNXS, a sort of Dad’s Navy, a hangover from the  war years. It was disbanded in 1994. It was a quirky time but useful and he still keeps in contact with a lot of the old hands. More of that later.

Allatsea finding himself lost all at sea after taking the wrong turning leaving the Dog and Hammer.

Allatsea finding himself lost all at sea after taking the wrong turning leaving the Dog and Hammer.

Contact with him by email is available at:


Remember folks, always be guided by the following:

“If in danger, or in doubt,

Run around and scream, and shout”

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