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Tipped for greatness in the coming year …. they say. The Doors meet Austin Powers and emulate Cast at the peak of Britpop. Rather engaging, to this old geezer at least.

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Nice words from Margate

At long long last the nasty northerly wind has abated, the temperature went above 5 degrees and allatsea got off his  vast bottom and did dome gardening. For a very modestly proportioned  area, it takes a fair surprising effort to … Continue reading

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Dover Music Festival   14th February 2015   Organised by friend to the Towers Deborah Gasking  

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A plug for my bro

This is a shameless plug for my brother’s firm’s (he is one of the owning partners) latest product in the world of ‘Apps’. He like allatsea earned his living as a sailor type for a large part of his life, … Continue reading

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Weather woes and valve distortion

It has been said that the weather runs the show all the time. Certainly in this offshore construction malarkey it does. The one wott allatsea’s involved in at this moment is no exception. The weather’s running the show and the … Continue reading

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Any Robby Lamothe fans out there?

Despite being, overweight, foul tempered and ugly, old allatsea is a bit of a sensitive sort when all said and done (honest). A fan of the arts, with a tendency to find song and music the most emotive of the … Continue reading

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