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If you like you can always leave a message on any of this site’s pages and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, even if that means leaving Wetherspoons to find a better WiFi signal.


Email us at:


Call the voicemail number and leave a message: +44 7882 156311 (revised 26/02/2018)

3 Responses to Contact us

  1. Andy Brigden says:


    Give me a call on 01872 272130 when you can



  2. Michael Robertson says:

    hi, thanks for your post on TS Worcester, I was looking at a picture in a local auction (Sydney, Aus) of an old RN ship that looked like the Worcester and wanted to refresh my memory. I was one of the last cadets – did my initial pre going to sea training (induction training??) in Sept 74 aged 16 with Trinder Anderson and then 1 year later came back to the new college and then another 2 times (I think) before doing 2nd Mates exam around 78. Finally did masters in Warsash in 86 before leaving the sea for good. still enjoy sailing though and occasionaly help out with the Heritage Fleet in Sydney where the local examiner reinstated my masters as long as I didn’t go out the heads! Sydney hardly has any commercial shipping now other than cruise boats and the odd vessel that’s been arrested – a working harbour always seems to have more vitality and not just a Disney/tourist town. Great read, many thanks

    • allatsea says:

      Thanks for that Michael. I did my induction on Worcester in 1972 (BP cadet) and then Phase 1 during 73/74. Finally Phase III at MNC Greenhithe, we were the first lot through into the new buildings. Now all gone and a large housing development. How times change.

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