SARP, what is it?

SARP is an acronym of

Sailors Against Rough Passages and is a mythical but wholly desired organisation that was first imagined by allatsea in the early 1980s when he was working in small coasting vessels.

The years 1982 to the end of 1985 were spent working aboard the fine but very ickle boats of  Crescent Shipping Ltd (formerly London and Rochester Trading Company) in the short sea trades of North Western Europe. A passage  with a three metre sea and a 30 knot wind in dear old ‘Faience’ or ‘Insistence‘ or ‘Ordinence’ and similar 600 tonne one hatch coasters was rarely pleasant.

Come to think of it, ‘waiting on weather’ in an 8,000 Tonne, 20,000 BHP anchor handling tug off of NW Norway in the depths of winter was pretty awful too. One diary entry, recently revisited, compares such an experience to being in a washing machine during the spin cycle. Day after day after day.

Aah, sigh, the memories, deep joy.

Anyway, back to SARP.

The pages under the general header ‘SARP‘, on this site at least, will all relate to the imagined, rules, creeds, aspirations, humour, comradeship and drama that any member, real or imagined will identify with.

Like everything else at,  SARP is always under development, constantly  evolving. The QA (quality assurance) brigade at Maersk used the term CIP which stands for ‘continuous improvement programme’, and expected every employee to be guided by that ethos; ………………………………..think of this site as so guided. :o)

OOOOOH how he laughed.

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