Will private equity shag the ship industry?

Hahahaha, nothing to do with private equity my dear readers, just some thoughts by Airstavros on the killing of the young (33) Mexican female Mayor Gisela Moseta . She won the mayoral election by taking a public stand against the local drug barons. She was murdered within 48 hours of taking office. That’s popular democracy in Mexico for you. Sad but true.

“When are the inch-thick skulled politicians both in the UK and the wider world going to realise that as long as drugs are illegal then crime will flourish. Legalise them all and the hoodlums, psychos, criminals and generally dishonest will lose their entire raison d’etre. What are they going to do when marijuana, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy are as legal as washing up liquid? Steal Mars bars from newsagents? At the heart of Mexico’s corruption is the drug trade. That ghastly and perverse commerce can be wiped out overnight by the world admitting that there is no point in continuing a ‘war’ against it and setting up a commercial infrastructure that will result in attractively packaged hashish being sold in Superdrug to anyone who wants it. Opportunity kills temptation. Within ten years, after a few thousand have died from overdosing (and they would have anyway) the demand will be minimal. Hundreds of thousands of men were addicted to heroin and morphine after World War I ended and were supplied by pharmacists. Their addiction caused no social upheaval because they were supplied with what they wanted. Many weaned themselves off. A collapse in crime is not what the police want. Careers depend on it. The criminals, too, thrive on the illegal trade in drugs, so they wouldn’t welcome legalisation either. Twenty years ago I’d drive a forty mile round trip to an all night garage because I’d run out of fags. Today, even a whiff of someone’s roll up makes me want to cross the street. Everyone will experiment with legalised drugs, and then move on. It would be wonderful to see the drug barons and pushers reduced to trying to sell stolen laptops in pubs, and being told ‘I’d rather buy a new one in Argos, mate’. Just look at the twisted, evil faces of the drug grandees. And every one of them a teetotal, non-smoking vegetarian. What does that tell you?”

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