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There’s a chap I know who works down the chipshop He often writes a rhyme When I asked for battered haddock He said he didn’t have the time. Driving in DP, it’s nautical but not as we know it!

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Maaaaaaaersk blimey!

Blimey……… Maersk Supply Service to axe 20 vessels and 400 workers in large shakeup AUGUST 18TH, 2016 SAM CHAMBERS EUROPE, OFFSHORE0 COMMENTS Citing “unprecedented market conditions” Maersk Supply Service has announced it will slash its OSV fleet by up to … Continue reading

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A snippet from the Lagos Press

Local Councilors  fear Gender Equality Bill will turn women to prostitutes, lesbians and carpet munchers –  her reverence Good Luck Herder The reverent entity representing all things of self-interest, Good Luck Herder, has said the Council rejected the Gender Equal … Continue reading

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The shops’ll be shut on Sunndee

The Daily Mash reports……………….. Britons buying six weeks of supplies for single day shops are shut 25-03-16 THE UK is buying in six weeks’ worth of groceries to get them through Easter Sunday when all supermarkets are closed.  Supermarkets are … Continue reading

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Low water at Margate Harbour

A beautiful though still a tadge chilly morning here in Margitt. As part of a 10,000 steps a day malarkey a walk  was called for. The weather and the gentle breeze, alongside a fortuitous  time for low water made Margate … Continue reading

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Cats and the referendum conundrum

Finny to the vets tonight. Needs a jab to keep his skin in better condition, apparently he’s allergic to stuff wott’s present in this here house. They say. Also, said vet wallah, he’s not to put anymore weight on! Cheek. … Continue reading

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Total Tosh abart Margate

Non italicised words by Kent Online, words it italics and pics by allatsea: A Thanet town has been named as one of the hippest places to live in the country (named by a bung taking trash journo working for a … Continue reading

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